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'I Call it Dedicated:' Jennifer Doncsecz, President of VIP Vacations

'I Call it Dedicated:' Jennifer Doncsecz, President of VIP Vacations
That fact became evident 23 years ago when Doncsecz created and sold a vacation package for a college project. “It was in a public speaking class and we had to sell something we were passionate about, so I thought about what I loved – puppies, babies …
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America deserves a vacation
Holidays are around the corner. Many Americans are planning vacations. But there are differences among us in our actual ability to take time off. The wealthy can take vacations at resorts, while those earning less only see such places on television …
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Mideast Banker Ordered To Spend Next 4 Vacations In Chicago

Mideast Banker Ordered To Spend Next 4 Vacations In Chicago
CHICAGO (STMW) – Mayor Rahm Emanuel has made it a priority to make Chicago a world class tourist destination. But a federal judge went one better on Monday, ordering a wealthy Middle Eastern banker to fly into the Second City for his next four …
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When vacations become an education or going home
Reese Roldan's great-grandfather, or Lolo in tagolog, and great-grandmother, or Lola, were born in the Philippines. Lolo joined the U.S. Army in WWII and came to Pacifica. Reese connects with her culture each year by vacationing in the Philippines. She …
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We're ruining our vacations by over-planning them

We're ruining our vacations by over-planning them
For as long as I can remember, I meticulously planned vacation time to maximize its bliss-out power. That didn't mean pricey holidays, although my family did occasionally go to places like Santa Fe. But even if we stayed at home the hours were packed …
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Compared to past presidents, Obama takes few vacations
Each Christmas, President Obama takes a vacation with his family in Hawaii and this year was no different. Last Friday the First Family touched down ready to enjoy their two-week trip. Yet critics like Republican congressman Mike Rodgers attacked Obama …
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Bunny Suits and Water Gymnastics: No One Vacations Quite Like the Norwegians
There is no common denominator beyond a vacation where the weather is warm and the water is close. Wang, a Norwegian living in LA, documented merry Norwegians enjoying quirky holidays around the world in his series Southbound, a photo book …
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Making service vacations part of New Year's travel resolutions
Here are some offerings for those who would like to volunteer during their vacation to make a difference in other people's lives. Prices for the trips vary; contact the organization for details (and costs may be tax deductible –check with the company …
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