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We're ruining our vacations by over-planning them

We're ruining our vacations by over-planning them
For as long as I can remember, I meticulously planned vacation time to maximize its bliss-out power. That didn't mean pricey holidays, although my family did occasionally go to places like Santa Fe. But even if we stayed at home the hours were packed …
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Compared to past presidents, Obama takes few vacations
Each Christmas, President Obama takes a vacation with his family in Hawaii and this year was no different. Last Friday the First Family touched down ready to enjoy their two-week trip. Yet critics like Republican congressman Mike Rodgers attacked Obama …
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Bunny Suits and Water Gymnastics: No One Vacations Quite Like the Norwegians
There is no common denominator beyond a vacation where the weather is warm and the water is close. Wang, a Norwegian living in LA, documented merry Norwegians enjoying quirky holidays around the world in his series Southbound, a photo book …
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Making service vacations part of New Year's travel resolutions
Here are some offerings for those who would like to volunteer during their vacation to make a difference in other people's lives. Prices for the trips vary; contact the organization for details (and costs may be tax deductible –check with the company …
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